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NAME: Tomo Takino
AGE: 17
FANDOM/MEDIUM: Azumanga Daioh (Manga)
CANON PULL-POINT: Senior Year (Volume #4; Just when her and Osaka found out their college entrance exam results.)

ABILITIES: None that deserve to be mentioned here. Aside from being abnormally loud and energetic, Tomo is your average Japanese high school student. She can speak barely passable English and sometimes she does flips, but that might all just be bullshit. It's never really clarified, Azumanga is pretty surreal sometimes.

CHARACTER BACKGROUND:WikipediaAzumanga Daioh WikiaTomo @ Azumanga Daioh Wikia

The events in Azumanga Daioh aren't really anything out of the ordinary. The entire series is basically a slice of life that occasionally veers into weird what-the-fuck-ish territory with people sart imagining things or draming things or when social norms take a backseat to shenanigans. The story follows six high school girls while they make their way through, uhm, high school. With the exeption of Kagura, they all meet in the same class in their first year and it all goes up/down/around-hill from there. Their homeroom and English classes are taught by Yukari Tanazaki, Minamo Kurosawa teaches them P.E. and Kimura teaches them Classical Literature or something. And that's about all that ever gets brought up as far as classes are concerned. For a story about high school girls throughout their 3 years of high school, there is not much actual learning in a high school in this series.

Plotwise, not much out of the ordinary occurs in Azumanga Daioh. They go to school, they plan festivals, they go on class trips and they go out to places with each other. Some of them get jobs, and they all go to their rich 10-year-old high school classmate's summer home for break. Occasionally there will be peeks inside their imaginations, or surreal dream sequences, which is where things will get weird. Otherwise, pretty ordinary slice-of-life manga events occur.

The characters are as follows:

Sakaki: Tall, quiet, somber, likes cute animals and is not liked back.
Yomi: Professional, studious, mature, loves food, concerned about her weight.
Kargura: Loud, boisterous, abrassvie, good at sports, bad at everything else, 
Osaka: Spacey, slow, somewhat out-of-the-box thought wise.
Chiyo: Short, cute, smart, wants to be taken seriously. (Not gonna happen.)

Reguarding Tomo's own personality, there's a section for that later. When it comes to her own history though, not much is known outside of the events of the manga. She has apparently known Yomi since they were both in elementary school, and crammed in order to follow her into high school. She owns a dog named Spot, and while her mother is never mentioned, she apparently has a good relationship with her father, who looks and acts a lot like her if Yomi is to be believed.


Tomo is rather crazy, not in the sense that she is clinically insane but rather that she is somewhat deusional when it comes to her capabilities. Also in that she is just crazy, but mostly the first thing. She's extremely energetic and egotistical to a fault, and while she has a vague idea that there are consequences to things that she says and does, she doesn't really think that far ahead. No amount of being on the wrong end of the consequences to her actions throughout the manga seems to change this attitude. She's also very egotistical to go along with this; believing that she can defeat people who are obviously better than her at things that weren't competitions in the first place. She does this to the point where she will purposefully seek to make something into a competition, then act like she just wasn't bringing her A-game or that she allowed the person to win because she felt like it, when she winds up losing. She also likes to make claims about her ability to excel at things she is generally horrible at and seems to be prone to bouts of unwarranted self importance. While all-encompassing, this pride extends to things that are of little significance, (such as being seventeen in comparison to Chiyo's age of twelve), and she ridicules people for not being able to do certain tasks, even if she can't do them herself (such as calling Kagura a moron for her bad English when hers isn't all that better).

Tomo puts an absurd amount of effort into annoying and pissing off people, to the point where she is actually called out on it by one of the other characters. This seems to be the one thing she excels at, as she is capable of finding out what annoys a person and then exploiting it just to piss them off, such as Yomi’s weight insecurities or Chiyo’s youth. You see, pissing people off and annoying them is what she does. If being obnoxious was an Olympic sport, Tomo would win the gold, rub it in, and then pawn the medal just so see the shocked look on the losers faces. At one point in the manga, she throws the keys to Chiyo's summer home into the tall grass simply because Chiyo remarked that they were the only way to get into the house, which made her want to see what would happen if she took that course of action, and because she wanted to see the chaotic results. She goes out of her way to pick on Yomi for just about anything, which annoys her to no end and often to the point of physical retaliation. The perfect example of the effort she goes though to annoy people is actually her being where she is, as it is stated that the girls all go to a very prestigious high school. Tomo managed to cram and get herself into the school just to annoy Yomi and prove she could do it, proving that she isn't completely stupid and just needs the right motivation to do things.

Despite having a large amount of energy and competitive spirit, Tomo is a slacker and also terrible when it comes to athletics. She isn't shown to be involved in any sports clubs and is shown to be simply awful when it comes to just about every athletic activity that involves some margin of talent. She has terrible scores in most of her classes, as well as on her tests and assignments. This is probably because while she is energetic, Tomo is also lazy as hell when it comes to schoolwork, not even bothering to study or pay attention in class half the time. If she bothers to do any homework at all, she usually copies if of off Yomi or Chiyo's work, rather than do it herself. Despite her scores being low, she has a unwarranted sense of pride in them, and is "leader" of the Bonkuras (consisting of herself, Osaka and Kagura) because of it. As stated before, she can be motivated to do work and was apparently motivated enough by her desire to become an Interpol agent, to cram enough to pass her college exams before Yomi. It just takes a lot to get her to actually get motivated to do certain things, pissing someone off or proving them wrong being the best motivators.

Even though she has no boyfriend, Tomo seems to have an interest in things of a sexual nature though interest mostly consists of hearing dirty stories and telling dirty jokes. There was only one occasion where she actually managed to get advice related to this, and that was from Nyamo when she was drunk. Tomo has exhibited potential for telling dirty jokes, such as the one time she threatens to arrest Nyamo and Yukari on prostitution charges when the pair come to a school festival in their old school uniforms and when she repeats the names of certain fods and objects during their class trip because they sound like dirty words. Part of this is because she feels it's interesting to find out, but mostly it's because it weird other people out. Her interest in these matters is unique to her character, as none of her other classmates seem to care about these things aside from her.

Tomo is also rather terrible at respecting people who are her superiors. While she isn't the only one who disregards and yells at Kimura, she also treats Ms. Yukari and Ms. Kurosawa with an extremely cavalier attitude. She doesn't seem to take either of them seriously and and calls Kurosawa by her nickname (Nyamo) and tends to call her homeroom teacher Yukari-baby. She admits to cheating in her English class and while Yukari knows and doesn't seem to care, the fact that she doesn't even hide it says a lot about her lack of respect for authority. This only goes so far though, as she doesn't go totally insane and refuse to take college exams. Just like she knows how to annoy people, Tomo also tends to figure out whose authority she can proceed to give no fucks about after a while, or a via a proccess of trial and error.

Despite the fact that she does treat them badly, it's obvious that she teases her friends mostly in jest and out of some amazingly twisted sort of affection. In the end, she does care about them and will comfort them if she finds that her insults were taken too seriously. Several times she's teased them to the point of crying and then awkwardly tried to comfort them afterwards; badly for the most part. Tomo can also act kind towards her friends on occasion, such as her applauding of Chiyo at graduation and the fact that she seems somewhat happy when her all friends get into college, despite mercilessly teasing Yomi about it. Tomo doesn't exactly hit Jerk With a Heart of Gold status, even with this. She is more like a Jerk with a Heart of Bronze, or some other cheap metal.


Compared to most manga, the setting of Azumanga Daioh is pretty tame and normal. It takes place in an unamed city in Japan, where all of the girls live and go to school in a prestigious as hell high school. They wear uniforms and take classes and play sports and participate in festivals. They eat Japanese cuisine and go on a school trip to Okinawa and dress in pretty kimonos. Pretty standard high school things and Japan things.So basially this version of Japan still has all the important parts, culture-wise, it's simply a bit idealized and doesn't stress the, er, stress of typical Japanese high school life. Or typical school life, really. At least until college entrance exams roll around. 

They have the same geography, proven when the girls take a class trip to Okinawa and Irimote Island. Life in Azumanga Daioh is pretty much exactly the same as it typical real life Japan except for it's apparent lax standards when it comes to eccentric people, teachers and really bad driving. Yukari and Kimura are rather awful teachers and are still allowed to teach, and Tomo, Osaka and Kagura are terrible students who manage to avoid flack from their teachers and by some miracle get into college. Yukari's driving is so bad that she normally wouldn't even be given a lisence normall, and yet she is totally allowed to drive as badly as she wants to. 

In short, Azumanga Daioh is exactly like the real world if it was dictated by Rule of Funny.

OCCUPATION: POLICEWOMAN SUPREME! Is this a thing that can happen? I sure hope so.



Tomo has decided that this place is awful at least five times out of ten. She has also decided that it's boring ten times out of ten, but that's mostly because she's too lazy to move from the top of the wagon where she has made her pearch. From up here she can see everything, even though 'everything' here is mostly wagons, people, more wagons and barren land as far as the eye can see. But that's okay because at least the people are interesting. Mostly. When they aren't being crazy.

Apparently crazy is a serious problem in this place, as she is quickly finding out.

"I really hope that Oregon is some kind of amusement park or something," she quips to no one in particular. It's a pointless thing to say out loud, since no one but her has actually climbed on top of the wagon since they started this trip, but for her it's a prime position to yell at people and also figure out what they are doing. It's an easy way to keep an eye on people and figure them out, which is something she figures has to be dne, but can be done with as little effort as humanly possible until she feels like running up to someone and arresting them for ~*~reasons~*~, which she is pretty much positive is in the job description of her self-appointed position as Wagon Train Sheriff.

Because even is she isn't in college yet, or a police officer, or in Interpol, Tomo knows that this place needs order! 



For everyone except her of course. It's not like she's going to go around doing really terrible things anyway. You can't steal from what's already yours, and the rations in the wagon are pretty much shared property right?


[There is a sound being broadcast over the network. It is, in fact a shrill and horrible screaming noise. More like an overly dramatic wail of despair.]


[Then just like that the voice stops SCREAMING and is just abnormally loud and boisterous.]

SO! Anyway! Where are we now and where are we going? I hope it's home or something, because I am really not getting the point of this at all.

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